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CHRONOLOGICAL visual recap of ONE'S LIFE MEMORIES, starting at the BEGINNING of the CAMERA ROLL.


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Save Money

Less usage of space declutters our lives and saves us money. 

Google will allow you to store your pix on the cloud for free, but at a reduced image quality.  If you want to keep your memories long-term at their fullest image quality, it comes at a price. You can start to save some value now, byconsolidating your pictures.  

Indeed, cloud storage starts to add up when we accumulate so many photos, especially the ones that we don't even look at.  

Pix.Tours solves this by the active gameplay and more leisure format for sorting through photos.  This can make the activity more engaging and rewarding while we review all our old pictures.  Get your highest score (score is cumulative), and compare to your friends, organize your photos, delete and free up gigabytes of space on your devices and cloud storage!    

Whose saving the most space?

See how you do, and see who saved the most.  The score you attain directly correlates with how many photos you've sorted.  Usually anywhere from 25%-50% of the photos we have in our phones are duds, so with thousands of photos on our phones, this is a substantial space and money savings.  The memory savings also will allow your device to run faster.  A cluttered device is a slow one.  

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Less Stress. More Expedient Memory Retrieval. Memories Reinforced.

Rarely do we get a chance to review all of our photos.  We're in a changing world, in which the photo album is no longer a place to review memories and reminisce.  Nowadays, it's more of a place where all of our memories pile up in heaps, and get totally forgotten.  Until we want to show it to a friend, and then we're frantically sifting through and sort through them to find the memory, often to no avail.  

With Pix.Tours, we're reviving a time when people revisit their photos. Photos that are nicely organized with care. After the photos are nicely organized, it will be easier to review and reminisce just like the past.  And, while doing this, we can send them along to friends and family.  Why not do the picture sorting in a video game, and make picture organizing more enjoyable?  

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Save Cloud Storage Cost

Organize your Photos

Revisit all your Memories

Clean Storage to Speed Up your Device




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