After Sorting all your Pictures.. Enjoy your Universe Even More!


***Welcome To PIX.TOURS*** photo organizer "Game" for Mobile Devices!

Here’s a demonstration of the photo sorting video game experience! 

Pixtours Logo.  A stack of sorted earth pictures.  Symbolizing a category in the photo app for earth photos.  Sort pictures into photo albums in the photo app.


😎Separate Photos into Albums for better Privacy😎

🤖 Completely and Easily Organize Photos 🤖

🤓 Clean Storage to Speed Up your Device 🤓

😇 Save good Memories- Discard the Rest  👹

😻 Video game photo organizer photo sorting app! 😻

Awe at our Universe.  Organized picture through sorting into photo albums.

"When you tidy your space completely, you transform the scenery.  

The change is so profound that you feel as if you are living

in a totally different world."   ~ Marie Kondo 

The Definition of Pix.Tours

PIX ·​ TOURS  [also, pixtours]

PIX; plural for picture or photo.  

TOURS; plural for tour.

1  :  Digital photo organizer video game, within which to easily create Albums and sort photos into them.

2  :   Method to SEPARATE PHOTOS into albums or folders to better CREATE PRIVACY when others are around while viewing ones photos.  

3  :  Through photo sorting:  A chronological VISUAL REVIEW of one's life memories. 

4  :  A UTILITY APPLICATION to tackle our growing picture sorting and storing problem.  Someday we'll have too many to handle.


Synonyms, and related concepts:   

'privacy-minded individual' -- photo sorting -- photo organizer -- video game -- create albums -- picture sorting -- picture organizing -- picture organizer-- mobile app 

The Benefits of Sorting Pictures

Make photo album, sort pictures into them. Gain privacy from sorting pictures.

Conveniently more Private than before

Separating your pictures into albums makes them easy to transfer into apps like photo vault to keep the really private pictures away from your camera roll.  Use PixTours to sort your picture into the albums you create in-app, "select all", transfer to the app of your choice to keep those pictures private.  Delete the pictures out of the "outside" folder to remove them from your more view-able pictures in your camera roll, or photos folders. 🙌  You can now show your friends and family your pictures without fear of embarrassment!  

Share pictures with friends while you sort pictures.

Relive Your Memories and Share

Your photos, especially on your phone, are a chronicle of your life events.  Reviewing them is good for long-term memory. 🧠  

Play a video game photo organizer app for photo sorting, and know yourself better.  🧐

Modify your pictures while you sort pictures into albums.

Easily Find All of the Pictures you would like to Modify

Put all them pictures into a choice album and then go to them one by one to modify the pictures you liked most.  Use apps like snapchat or instagram to tune them up and then post them for your friends to enjoy.  🙈

The Deeper Meaning behind Sorting all Those Pictures

Save money after deleting pictures, upon picture sorting.

Save Money

Less usage of space declutters our lives and saves us money. 🤑

Many sites will allow you to store your photos on their cloud for free, but at a reduced image quality.  If you want to keep your memories long-term at their fullest image quality, it comes at a price. You can start to save some value now through photo sorting and  consolidating your pictures via a photo organizer app.  

Indeed, cloud storage starts to add up when we accumulate so many photos, especially the ones that we don't even look at.  😟

PixTours solves this by the active video game gameplay and more leisure format for sorting through photos.  This can make the activity more engaging and rewarding while we review all our old pictures.  Get your highest score (score is cumulative), and compare to what others are achieving, organize your photos, delete and free up gigabytes of space on your devices and cloud storage!    🐱‍🏍

have fun while you sort pictures into albums.

Save Space

Usually anywhere from 25%-50% of the photos we have in our phones are duds.  No algorithm will be able to catch these due to how personal pictures are.  So, with thousands of photos on our phones, removal of these pictures is a substantial space and money saver.  The memory savings also will allow your device to run faster.  A cluttered device is a slow one.  😏

Our pictures are important, so they should be put into photo albums through picture sorting.

Less Stress. More Expedient Memory Retrieval. Memories Reinforced.

Rarely do we get a chance to review 'all' of our photos.  We're in a changing world, in which the photo album is no longer a place to review memories and reminisce.  Nowadays, it's more of a place where all of our memories pile up in heaps, and get totally forgotten.  With exception to the few that we post to social media... But, for the obscure visually captured experience, until we want to show it to a friend, we'll then find ourselves frantically sifting through and sort through them to find it, often to no avail. 😑 

With PixTours, photo organizer app, we get to revive a time when people revisit their photos. Photos that are nicely organized with care. After the photos are nicely organized into each folder, it will be easier to review and reminisce just like the past.  And, while doing this, we can send them along to friends and family, edit and modify them in other photo apps, place them into our other social media platforms, and ultimately know where to go to see them.  Combine photo sorting with a video game, and it'll get done.  😎

Ensure that we'll never be a time when we throw out the good pictures with the bad, because we simply have too many.  

Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  😁



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Pixtours is proud to provide a video game interface for photo organizing.  But, if you have a recommendation for a feature to help you sort your pictures more effectively, please don't hesitate to ask.  We'll see what we can do to give you the best options for photo sorting via Pixtours photo organizer app.