New Time-Travel Feature


What can I do with the App?

  • The app can help you identify where your pictures are located. You will slide your pictures into the collectors one at a time into your customized folders. You'll know exactly where they are, and will be able to find them every time thereafter.
  • Get rid of extra copies of pictures, blurry, duds, old screenshots, old information, bad memories, or accidental pictures.
  • Sort either from the beginning of your camera roll, or begin at any date to get the more recent pictures sorted first.  
  • Create new folders in the app quickly and easily, that can then be changed at any time.
  • Send or post the pictures you like to social media as you sort. 


Make Folders Easily


The main focus of this app is Photo Sorting-  So, special focus has been given to making it easiest to create folders in-app. 

Folder Creation Mode


 This mode gives you an opportunity to create new folders to sort your pictures.  You will be able to create an infinite number of categories which populate inside your photos app(iOS) or pixtours folder (Android)  to sort your pictures.  There is 

a scrollable category selector mode to more switch up folder choices sort.   See then next feature-->

Ergonomic Scrollable Category Selector Mode


The newest addition is a scrollable selector tool to allow faster selection of picture categories.  This was created with the intention to best remove lag between switching from folders back to active sorting.  

Share with Friends and Family


If you come upon a picture you'd like to share, just hold and swipe the picture upwards, the game will pause, and a share option will pop up.  Send or share the picture, resume play, and continue sorting.

*Found that this can happen very often, especially when thinking about loved ones. 

Turn off the In-Game Sound and Play Your Own Soundtrack


Toggle music to play your own music, or turn off game sounds.

Take a break every 100 pictures


For eye health, it's a good policy.

 Pix.Tours wants to remind you to not sort to the point of losing your eyesight.  Every 100 pictures take a break. 

There's a reminder during game play (which can be turned off), so you remember to look up and take a break.  After looking up for 10-15 seconds, your eyes should be good to go again.  Keep your sight!